Happiness Project is a singular band... First there is the choice of a surprisingly joyful name for such a melancholic music. Happiness Project is the combination of electronic sounds, DiY (Do It Yourself) attitude and cold-wave influences.

Then, the band's organisation itself is atypical, with two lead singers: Christelle and Fred bringing alternatively their personalities and providing duality and different emotions. Cyrille, the instrumentist of the trio, alternately programs machines and synthesizers or plays bass guitar with Fred also playing keyboard melodies.

The three, Christelle, Fred and Cyrille create an original and personal blend of electronic music with distinctively critical lyrics and themes (human condition within new technologies, environment...).

In 2008, after a few demos, the band published an auto produced CD album called "Remove Or Disable", where the first version of track 'Blue Eyed Boy' appears and pushed by a great video clip which caught the attention of electronic pop label BOREDOMproduct.
A "black version" has been re-worked to kick-off the collaboration between the trio and the label and will be one of the 11 tracks of "9th Heaven"the new Happiness Project album currently in the works.